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Obama Re-election Offers Opportunity to Strengthen Medicare Program for Beneficiaries

President Barack Obama’s re-election offers an opportunity to further implement the tenets of the Affordable Care Act, and help strengthen the Medicare program as a whole for the 50 million beneficiaries nationwide.

“The Center for Medicare Advocacy looks forward to working with President Obama and the new Congress to ensure fair access to Medicare and health care,” says Judith Stein, the founder and executive director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy. “We are hopeful that we can now move forward to preserve a full and fair Medicare program for current and future generations.” Stein continued. “By implementing the Affordable Care Act and moving away from unnecessarily expensive private plans, we can increase Medicare solvency and bring down health care costs. This is good news for beneficiaries, taxpayers, and the deficit.”

One recent step to ensuring fair coverage to all was the settlement of a class action suit brought by the Center against the”Improvement Standard,” an illegal but long practiced rule of thumb that resulted in Medicare denials based on chances of improvement – leaving thousands of beneficiaries with chronic conditions without coverage.

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