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The Opposition Will Vote No Anyway – So Stick With Good Health Care Reform!

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) has today given the proponents of strong health care reform a huge gift:  he has admitted that it does not matter what the content of any bill is.  Even if the final bill contains everything he wants, he will vote against it.

Senator Grassley has laid bare the strategy of opponents of health care reform:  defeat the legislation regardless of its content.  Since the Senator is one of the more powerful and moderate voices of the Republican party in Congress, it seems unlikely that further efforts at bipartisan negotiations will yield fruitful results.

This is a gift to proponents for a true public option – the only path to true health care reform.  Nothing is to be gained by abandoning the President’s commitment to a strong public plan in health reform that would be available nationwide, would be entirely portable and would keep the private insurance market honest by providing innovation and competition where little competition exists today.  (Most private insurance markets are dominated by two companies:  Wellpoint and United Healthcare.)

We urge policy-makers to remember the truth amidst all the noise.  We need health care reform.  We need a true public option!

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