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The Center for Medicare Advocacy urges Congress to pass health care reform now.  According to Judith Stein, the Center’s Executive Director “We are the closest we have ever been to fixing our unfair and ineffective health care system. We must seize this opportunity to pass health reform.  The status quo is not an option; we simply can’t afford to put this off yet again.”

Ms. Stein stressed that health care reform will strengthen and improve guaranteed benefits in Medicare and protect the integrity of the Medicare program by extending the life of the Medicare Trust Fund.  “More specifically, health care reform will improve the Medicare program for beneficiaries by slowing the growth of premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses, improving preventive benefits, and closing the gap in prescription drug coverage,” said Ms. Stein.

Moreover, the legislation promotes delivery system reforms to encourage high quality, coordinated health care.  “Most of the Center’s clients have chronic conditions – as do nearly all Medicare beneficiaries.  We know from experience that well coordinated care is critical to our clients’ well-being.  The Center has been advocating about this issue for many years,” said Ms. Stein.

Ms. Stein stated that the Center for Medicare Advocacy strongly supports the goals of comprehensive health reform legislation, which expands coverage to millions of Americans, helps them purchase insurance, and ends discriminatory practices by insurance companies.  “Everyone wins, including Medicare beneficiaries when all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care,” she said.

The Center for Medicare Advocacy urges Congress to pass health reform now. Passing this legislation will strengthen Medicare, bring a similar promise of health coverage to younger people, and increase the economic security of all Americans.

Judith Stein is available for comment and questions.

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