The New York Times Features CMA’s Judith Stein in Its Coverage of Looming Medicare Enrollment Period

October 1, 2010 at 7:53 pm Leave a comment

Judith Stein, right, executive director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy, with Jocelyne Watrous, a beneficiary consultant. Many private insurers this year are consolidating their Medicare offerings and discontinuing some plans.

From The New York Times:

Medicare enrollment season is approaching, and many experts say they believe it promises to be a turbulent one — “a perfect storm,” said Paul Gada of Allsup, a provider of Medicare plan selection services.

Why? In some areas, there will be dozens, even hundreds, of coverage options. The choices must be reviewed not just by current enrollees and a crush of baby boomers newly eligible for the government-run insurance program, but also by millions of people helping older beneficiaries.

All of them must navigate a system that is changing rapidly, in part because of requirements imposed by the new health care law. “It’s a complicated year for Medicare beneficiaries,” said Judith Stein, executive director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy, a nonprofit group that helps Medicare beneficiaries.

To help simplify the process, you’ll first need a quick rundown of exactly what Medicare entails.

Read the full article, here.

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