No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal

November 21, 2011 at 7:17 pm Leave a comment

The Center for Medicare Advocacy is neither particularly surprised nor terribly disappointed that the Super Committee did not reach a budget cutting agreement. Many of the Medicare proposals the Committee was considering, such as increasing the age of eligibility and increasing cost-sharing for beneficiaries, would be harmful to the Medicare program and to older and disabled people while not decreasing overall health care costs.

There are ways to strengthen Medicare and reduce costs – such as requiring Medicare to negotiate drug prices, never paying private Medicare plans more than traditional Medicare, adding a drug benefit to the traditional program, lowering the age of Medicare eligibility, and letting the Affordable Care Act do its job. The Center for Medicare Advocacy has long advocated these ideas, and others like them, that would achieve real cost-savings without harming beneficiaries or ending Medicare altogether.

There is still time to secure the financial welfare of Medicare and the country, without doing so at the expense of older, disabled people and their families. There are solutions if those in authority will insist on spending only what is necessary to provide fair health coverage, and refuse spending one dime to change Medicare into a publicly-funded opportunity for private insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

With the end of the Super Committee, decision-makers have a new opportunity to carefully explore such solutions. If politicians find the will, there are ways to save Medicare, meet the needs of its beneficiaries and decrease costs.

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