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Mr. President: Listen to Your Doctor!

The (President’s) doctor orders Medicare for all.   He’s right.   If  conventional wisdom is correct, and a single payer system is not “on the table,” surely the President and reform leaders must at least insist on a public health insurance option.

If the goal  of health care reform is to provide coverage for all as cost-effectively as possible, a public health insurance plan MUST be included in any health care reform package.   We can’t afford to be scared again by dire warnings about Big Government.  Big Insurance costs a lot more than a public program and it helps people get health coverage a lot less.   Ask anyone who really knows about the public Medicare program and private Medicare plans. 

Support a true public health insurance option!  It’s best for people who need health care and most cost-effective for taxpayers.   Isn’t that what the President and his doctor ordered?

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Medicare for All?

This morning I showed my brand spanking new Medicare card to my 27-year old uninsured son, Patrick.

He looked the card over carefully and said “I wish I had one of these.”

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